Criminal organizations who specialize in theft and resale of portable computers have lithium battery detectors to locate concealed computers (such as in a car trunk). 

Because of this statement we did an internal investigation with our experts and an external investigation with experts specialized  in chemistry and advanced technology. Using the periodical table of elements ( , our knowledge in chemistry and a study on the structure of computer batteries.

Lithium is a soft silvery-white metal. Lightest of metals. Reacts slowly with water and oxygen. Flammable. Can ignite in air. Reacts with water to give off a flammable gas”.
– Lithium does not give off any signs of radiation therefore it is difficult to detect even with a Geiger counter or the equivalent.
– Lithium is used in an inert form when fabricating batteries
– Since computer batteries are sealed lithium can not react with oxygen and even less with water to cause a gas which is detectable by an explosimeter or other gas detecting apparatuses.



To conclude, after consulting with the Montreal Polytechnics School, Zodiac Aeronautics and our specialized strange technology friends at Thales.
YES – solutions exist in laboratories to determine the concentrations, quantities or lithium presence in alloys.
NO – there is no portable, accessible or instant reading tools to locate weak signs of lithium in a concealed area.


Beware of cordless technologies!

There exists other means of detecting and locating a concealed portable computer.
Despite the metallic mass and conception of an automobile which gives the protection of a Faraday cage, it remains that the radio transmissions are still perceptible even from a few meters away.
Caution to administrators and managers of data-processing parks.
Certain computers continue to emit in cellular radio mode, WIFI or Bluetooth even when in sleep mode. When the communication material’s internal circuits stay supplied  they continue to emit certain pulses per minute to know if a server is available or another apparel is ready to be matched up in it’s operating range.
Why is sleep mode not really a sleep mode?
Sleep mode is to satisfy our personnel need to immediately have all our services available to us. Unfortunately we do not have a list of “half sleep” computers available, we advise managers to communicate with fabricants for more details or to have these functions prohibited by their technical services department.


Rectification with Bluetooth

Because of the limited range (approximately 10 m) we have a tendency  to feel secure.Error?
By means of a special antenna it is possible to intercept Bluetooth exchanges from an important distance.
This device is not free but accessible and very profitable for material and information thieves.
The danger comes especially when the apparatuses stay in visible and pairing mode because the systems authenticity is not infallible before connexion.
So beware of mobile telephones, personal assistants, organizers, etc…
Contact the manufacturer to download for free the security patches.
We advise you to never leave Bluetooth in visible mode, use authenticity codes that are long and complicated, regularly check your paired equipment list, encrypt when transferring files.
For a reasonable budget of approximately 10 000$ an individual with bad intentions will technically be able to intercept this type of communication from out of transmission range. Once again use an encrypting program when transferring files.

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